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Welcome to the IIT Tanzania 2022.

Here are our main intention and aims in offering this IIT Training.

First, we would like to support all those on the African continent eager to deepen their skills and understanding of Nonviolent Communication. In the last 6 years, two IITs have been offered in Kenya. This is the 3rd (and first one in Tanzania). Some members of our IIT team have been working on the continent with trainings and projects for many years. This IIT aims to continue their work by uniting and supporting people focused on fostering change in their communities.

Secondly, our aim is to support the growth and wellbeing of children, young people, and parents, by offering this training to those who work with children/families directly (teachers, social workers, school staff and administration, etc.) or indirectly (NGOs, government agencies, etc.). We will strive for a gender balance among participants.

Through NVC, participants learn ways to interact and communicate in mutuality, whether in moments of disagreement, conflict, or wellbeing, while preserving the needs and integrity of each party involved. Through our training, we want to empower all those who come into contact with children by sharing the NVC awareness and skills that support self-responsibility, choice, and mutual decision-making as an alternative to educational and parenting systems based on authoritarianism (a system that uses rewards, fear, shame, punishment/ corporal punishment in order to obtain obedience).

Everyone inspired by the program is encouraged to register. However, in order to keep the focus of the training on the wellbeing of children, please note that priority will be given (but not limited!) to participants who fulfill three or more of the criteria below. In 2022 there are several offers of IITs all over the world that you have to choose from. In this IIT we are hoping to attract participants outside of the African continent who are able to pay the full price/early bird discount.

 Your full tuition money will be used to support the local people who are able to pay on average $50 US.

Please consider the following criteria as our desire for this IIT to support sustainable development and growth.

We are looking for participants who:

  • work with children and/or mothers. We believe that what happens in families impacts the whole community. 
  • are in multiplier positions (with a broad outreach) like teachers, heads of schools and youth programs, social workers, NGOs. 
  • have connections or are in government/school boards or policy-making roles.
  • understand and speak English. 
  • commit to staying for the full 9 days of training. 
  • experience NVC as a transformative force in their own lives.
  • are inspired to bring back their growing NVC awareness and skills to their communities.

Other information and requests:

  • Special evening sessions will be held where participants who are involved in projects that empower children will share their work.
  • We ask that you read Marshall Rosenberg’s book “Nonviolent Communication, The Language of Life” before attending. This will support you, and the group, in deepening your understanding of the basic components of NVC, a foundation for the whole training.
  • We invite you to come with a spirit of play, especially as a way to share with children in the environments where you come into contact with them. Playful activities will be included.
  • We invite you to come share your unique gifts and contribution as we all learn so much from each other.

Special Local Rates are Available

Hey! do you live in Tanzania?

To make this event sustainable for people living in Tanzania, we offer special convenient rates for Tuition and for Accommodation. Write us to know more!

Scholarships Available

If you want to participate in the IIT and for financial reasons it is not possible for you, please fill in the registration form and ask for financial assistance for tuition on page 3. We have a limited budget and at the same time, we are committed to making your participation possible.

Please Note

Fill out the Registration form to reserve your space in this training. You will receive a confirmation of your preliminary registration.
On 24-Mar-2022, once we have confirmed that we will proceed with this training, we will email you instructions for making payment and reserving your room and board.

Attendance at an IIT is a request of anyone who wants to become a CNVC certified trainer, and it is highly recommended to anyone who wishes to share NVC, whether you want to be certified or not. More info here.